What is the Studio Kay Community?

Visitors to our store are invited to get involved in supporting the important work of caring for our natural world. At its heart, Studio Kay is a place to experience the beauty of our world through the artist’s creative expression and engage with this work by bringing home products enlivened by this original imagery. Original works of art will also be available through this site.

The original products available through Studio Kay can grace your home, enhance your wardrobe and be useful in your daily life! They also have another purpose ~ a percentage of
sales will be donated to organizations engaged in research, education and the promotion of public understanding, appreciation and conservation of our natural world.

Please explore these organizations through the links provided below :

Mote Marine Lab

"Guardians of the sea and all living things that depend upon it”. Mote Marine is an independent, non-profit marine research institution comprised of world-class marine scientists committed to the belief that the conservation and sustainable use of our oceans begins with research and education.

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Miami Waterkeeper

Miami Waterkeeper focus on three major areas: clean water, sea level rise and ecosystem protection. These are three major areas that impact people around the world and it is important to support this work as a model for communities everywhere.

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Join Our Community

Protect what you love and surround yourself with the beauty of nature while helping our environment at the same time. Sign up for news and updates from the Community Newsletter below.

To be a featured member of the community, please direct message us an image of yourself using/wearing/sharing a Studio Kay product on Instagram.

All submissions will be entered into a draw to win a limited edition Studio Kay product!