From an early age, artist Kay Plante has been drawing, painting and photographing her world. The natural world is the dominant theme of her work and it is often expressed with bold color, powerful composition and energized brushwork.

Studio Kay products are adorned with imagery drawn from artwork that is in private collections. Stay tuned for upcoming collections based on new artwork. Also, watch for events and opportunities showcasing original artwork for sale !

Fine art examples shown here are created in watercolor, acrylic, mixed media and oil paint on surfaces as varied as paper, prepared canvas, board and raw canvas. The artist works in a variety of media in sizes that range from an intimate watercolor portrait of the family cat to the mid-sized paintings of color-soaked seaside cottages (watercolor) and the ‘beach-people’ ready for boogie-boarding (oil painting). 

Larger artworks include the ‘Westies’, painted primarily with palette-knife and thick swatches of highly textured oil paint. The ‘Kingfisher’ is a highly energized, abstracted mixed-media artwork on an 8’ x 11’ raw canvas surface.

Light-filled and joyful, the artist’s current work focuses on water, its surrounding environment and the creatures whose lives are intricately woven into that ecosystem. Lush and saturated with color, these works imagine a natural world vibrant with health and glowing with life ... paradise.